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“Astana-Plat” LLP successfully managed to combine the team of professionals involved with payment systems integration, processing center and program support, resulting from a five-year project by Kazakhstan IT-specialists. Today the Company is one of the leaders in the payment system market, providing Kazakhstan citizens with an accessible, safe and immediate payment method for the services rendered by mobile operators, Internet providers, television companies; the company also gives the option to make contributions to charitable funds as well as service payments for housing and public utilities, State Automobile Inspectorate fines along with other products and services.

Our Company offers a variety of complete technological solutions for the organization of payment acceptance points: equipment and software adaptable to all working conditions. The system provides high speed processing of transactions. The work of our highly qualified specialists creates comfortable operating conditions for our customers within a short space of time, ensuring the steady profit growth of each agent. “Astana-Plat” LLP is continuously working on the System improvement and upgrading the service quality, which guarantees the leading position in the payment systems market.

An efficient payment system

Providing Kazakhstan consumers with a wide range of payment service on the principle of all-inclusive payment at one “Kassa24”, more than 1 500 services available.



As opposed to the existing payment forms widely used in the banks, now you can make the payment in as short time as possible for yourself and with maximum comfort for the buyer.


All financial products, services, payments, exchange rates and transfers are now available in one place.


Kassa24 offers its mutually profitable business partnership to landlords; terminals installed at your location will increase the number of customers as well as the number of visitors to a business or shopping center, cinema theatre or supermarket. And as a pleasant bonus you will get an additional profit in a form of rental payment.


You will expand the range of services available as the installation of the terminal at your premises will provide consumers with the opportunity to conduct payment for more than 1,500 services. This list is constantly increasing, and at present, there is the option to make payments for-mobile and land-line phones, betting and utility services, taxis, online games, intercoms, railway and air tickets, Internet and many more. Even if your premises are too small or full up, you still can take advantage of this offer- the terminal requires only one square metre of space. Payment terminals installed at your premises will be an easy solution for you, whether you would like to do some advertising or just to inform people about a specific product or service. All useful information can easily be displayed on the screen of the terminal. At the same time the features of the goods or services are itemized in thorough detail.


To expand the profitability of your business and at the same time to increase your service offerings by the addition of a payment terminal, you can use one of two options: to register your application by phone:: +7 (727) 356 52 30
or to e-mail:
All terms and conditions will be discussed and questions will be answered


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